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So what's the difference? So what's the difference?
What's the difference between the Darth Vader FX lightsabers

What's the difference between the Darth Vader FX lightsabers

A number of customers have asked what the difference is between the Darth Vader EPIV Force FX lightsaber and the Darth Vader EPV Force FX lightsaber.  Well, there are several differences, and we're going to point them out to you.

Right off the bat you might notice that the grips on the EPIV lightsaber (Top) are shorter than the EPIV lightsaber's (bottom).  Also, the switch on the EPIV lightsaber is off set at about a 35 degree angle whereas the EPV lightsaber's is directly on the top.  One more quick detail to point out is that there are wires poking through the casing on the EPV lightsaber (not real wires, just detailing that looks like them) but there are none on the EPIV lightsaber.

Darth Vader Force FX difference 1

Thought the casing and shroud are virtually identical on the two lightsabers, the control boxes are quite different.  Our EPIV lightsaber (top again) has a protrusion very much reminiscent of the original heiland flash gun's clamp, but nothing shown on the EPV lightsaber.  Well, under the yellow sticker on the EPV lightsaber is a pin that shows through on the other side (which we'll see more of on the next image).

Darth Vader Force FX Difference 2

And here we see that the EPIV lightsaber's clamp is held on with a screw on the other side.  We can also see that the EPV lightsaber has a pin sticking out with a smaller pin going through it holding it in place.  By the way, don't do this, but if you remove the small pin the entire assembly will fall apart revealing the switch and resulting in a very frustrating amount of work to put it back together (yes we did it with one of ours, just to see).

Darth Vader Force FX Difference 3

Using these in combat feels about the same, though smaller hands may have a harder time using the EPIV lightsaber.  Of course, the Darth Vader Force FX lightsaber - EPV is no longer being made by Master Replicas but the Hasbro version of the Darth Vader Black Series Force FX lightsaber is better than the originals.

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