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How do Force FX Lightsabers work? How do Force FX Lightsabers work?

We have had a lot of people ask just how the Force FX lightsabers work and what they really look like on the inside, so we figured we would show you.  The owner has graciously opened up his personal Luke FX lightsaber and shown us all what they have on the inside.

Here is a Master Replicas Luke Skywalker, EPVI Force FX lightsaber that has been damaged due to a lot of use, abuse, and a bit of neglect.  The polycarbonate blade has already been removed so it could be carried easier.

Here you can see the casing has been disassembled.  There is the emitter, the rubber O-ring, the neck, the grip (2 pieces, black with silver rings and silver with the control box), and the battery casing and pommel.  You can also see the polycarbonate blade protruding from the electronics casing.

Here the electronics casing has been opened revealing the core of the saber.  Normally there would be wires going to the switch, but those were severed at some point.  Also, instead of the nice pads on the blade there is duct tape instead.  Tacky, but it works.

Next we have a nice shot of the blade taken apart.  On the left you see the LED string used to light the blade.  This is probably one of the most fragile parts of the saber and we do not recommend removing it.  Next to the LED string you see a styrofoam tube.  This is used to both protect the LEDs and refract their light.  Finally we see the polycarbonate blade.

The polycarbonate blade is actually 2 pieces in itself.  There is the polycarbonate tube as well as a weaker frosted plastic tube which the end of the blade is attached to.

And here is is back together.  The switch has been repaired and the casing cleaned up a bit.

And finally, here it is lit up.

Of course, we do not recommend ever disassembling your Force FX saber as it is difficult to do, can damage the saber, and of course, voids the warranty.

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