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Battle Ready Luke Skywalker force fx lightsaber - Star Wars Episode VIBattle ready Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight lightsaber from Star Wars Return of the Jedi
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Battle Ready Luke Skywalker force fx lightsaber - Star Wars Episode VI

Battle Ready Luke Skywalker force fx lightsaber - Star Wars Episode VI

Battle Ready Luke Skywalker force fx lightsaber - Star Wars Episode VI
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Now you can have the power of a lightsaber in your hand and actually use it. These battle-ready force fx lightsabers have been specially modified with a sturdier blade and a single high-powered Luxeon Rebel LED of your choice so you can actually use them and not have to worry about breaking the blade or damaging the LEDs in it. There are multiple color choices available so you can decide just how you want your lightsaber to look and feel. On top of all of that, you can remove your blade to wear the hilt on your costume and it's easy to change the blades thanks to a simple non-obtrusive screw.

The thinner walled custom polycarbonate blade (1/16") is very durable and very light weight. Great for all but the most extreme users.
The thicker walled custom polycarbonate blade (1/8") is incredibly durable and but adds significant weight to the saber. Best for extreme users such as martial arts trainers and heavy, full-contact duelists.

Turn around time for the saber's customization is approximately 3 - 4 weeks, after which time your battle-ready lightsaber will be shipped to you via your requested method. Refunds not allowed on customized products. Each battle-ready lightsaber has a 30-day repair warranty against customization flaws in the hilt. Warranty does not include any manufacturing flaws from the original manufacturer. Customization may leave some small scratches or abrasions on the finish of the product and are not covered under the warranty. All warranty claims are subject to inspection by our technicians and may be denied if deemed customer damage or misuse. Please see the links below if you have any questions about the customization process.
Features Benefits
Motion sensor controlled sound effects recorded from the movie: power-up, idle hum, swing, clash, and power-down.
Lightsaber has built-in motion sensors for super sensitivity.
Durable hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.
Easy-to-removable blade
Approximate dimensions: 2" x 11" x 44".
Requires 3 batteries (not included).
Includes a handsome wall or desk mountable stand to display your lightsaber
Loses the scrolling feature of the blade in favor of much improved durability.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews: 4.2
Luke Skywalker Battle Ready LightsaberIts really good though one thing which is odd is that it doesn't go up and down, I was dissapointed by this but I am going to try and make it do so. Written by George Stroud on Wed 7 Mar 2012 8:07:14 PM GMT
Luke Skywalker's Bat-ready LightsaberThis is an excellent saber and a fun gift for anyone. Swing effect is not as sensitive as it should be. Still, I have no regrets. Written by Ross on Sun 11 Dec 2011 12:00:56 AM GMT
Luke Skywalker's Battle ReadyThis saber is awesome! it is a little heavier than the episode IV saber though.... great from swinging it around to full out battling with a sith. overall a good blade! Written by Brian Parson on Wed 20 Apr 2011 4:24:34 PM GMT
Luke Skywalker's Battle readyExcellent. I had mine as a christmas present to myself and im well happy I did, I was a little disappointed with the sounds, Swing effect isnt as sensitive as I would have liked but thats my only grumble.
Now i gotta get 4 more for use during family discussions/debates as they always turn into a fight, im gonna make them EPIC once everyones got a lightsaber. Anakins lightsaber in Orange/amber formy daughter, Darth Maul in pink for the wife and 1 more for me, ObiWans in royal blue and 1/8 for full contact duelling with anyone else. Thats my next shoppng list anyway. Love the Hilt, realistic feel to it.
Written by Jesse james on Sat 11 Dec 2010 3:43:10 PM GMT
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