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Force FX Lightsaber Conversion ServiceForce FX Lightsaber Conversion ServiceHasbro Force FX conversion service
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Force FX Lightsaber Conversion Service

Force FX Lightsaber Conversion Service

Force FX Lightsaber Conversion Service
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This is a conversion service for force FX lightsabers.  We take your existing functional Hasbro Force FX lightsabers and convert it into a battle-ready version.  Upgrades include the following:

-Replacing the existing LED strand in the blade with a single or tri-mounted, high-powered star-mounted Luxeon Rebel LED that will light the entire blade from within the hilt.
-Build up of internal components to support modifications including heat sink installation for the LED.
-Replacement of the existing blade with an easily replaceable and removable high-density combat quality blade.
-Full testing of the saber before and after the conversion process.
-Rewiring of portions of the internal components to support the proper electrical flow and resistance.
-This process reuses as much of the original saber as possible including the emitter area and the FX board.  This helps to keep the original look and feel of the saber.  However, upgrading the emitter to aluminum is also an option but may take longer as we do not regularly stock those parts.

If required, some of the internal chassis components can be repaired/replaced with an additional surcharge and as needed.  you will be contacted if this is necessary before additional work will begin.  Our turn-around time for this work is approximately 2-5 business days depending on our work volume.  We do not carry spare pommels or battery packs for any of the lightsaber models.  If yours is missing then you will need to seek a replacement before sending your saber into us for service.

If you are not sure what model you have, please contact us before checking out so that we can assist you with properly identifying your model.

We recommend shipping your saber to us using an insured and traceable method such as UPS Ground or USPS Priority mail.

What this is not:

-This is not a refurbishment service.  We do not accept broken or damaged lightsabers and restore them.
-This is not a restoration service.  We do not restore lightsabers back to their original condition.
-This is not a refinishing service.  Sabers with damage to their exteriors are beyond our ability to repair.
-This is not an old saber buy-back service.  We do not purchase used lightsabers.
-This is not a conversion service for the Hasbro Ultimate FX Lightsabers.
-This is not a conversion service for any of the Master Replicas model FX lightsabers.  If you would like to know why, please visit this link.
-This is not a repair service for any other lightsaber brand
.  If you are in need of such services, please contact us.
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